Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Andy Irons & Corey Lopez visits Popoyo Surf Lodge..kids classes are going amazing!

I wanted to write a really quick update of last weeks big news and I will be posting some more photos of the art classes and updates in the next day...but for starters. Kim and JJ Yemma, owners of Popoyo Surf Lodge were able to host pro surfers Andy Irons, Corey Lopez, Freddy Pattachia, Mike Parsons, and others..it was rewarding to see them choose our home here as their first choice to stay in Nicaragua. For me, I guess I meet so many amazing people..musicians...surfers...that I'm more impressed with their hearts..and attitudes. I was stoked to say that they were so sweet and giving to the local Nica boys and fans...they handled it with grace. After scoring good waves here, JJ took them up to the Condo up north where they got good "MG's and Sandino". I thought it would be interesting for my readers to here this..and know what a great job Wavehunters did on booking the Pro's stay at Popoyo. I also would like to thank Corey, Andy and the boys for being so kind and giving to all the crew here. I know JJ and Kim and all of us look forward to your stay here again.
As for the Nicaragua art classes, Berry local amazing massage therapist and significant other to the all famous outer reef shredder Manuel. Instructed our Sat. night art class at Club Zion, teaching the kids how to make mask from (white strips of cast material). It was so unique and fun for the kids. This week we will paint them and decorate them. As for Saturday day, I had over 20 kids total come out for surf/soccer fun day..and had a great time playing on the beach and with over 7 boards, 3 boogie boards, and eager kids..we had a great lil' surf morning. I am so thankful for the boards that were donated to the kids from all you friends in the states. We have broken two and now have a total of 5 useful boards and always seem to gather a few more from local surf boys or tourist for the day. If anyone is coming here on a surf trip and wants to join us for some fun on the beach..Meet us at 9am..at beach break, in front of JJ's. Everyone knows..just say Beach Break. I want to wait on telling you more about my classes with Kim Yemma at the public schools on Saturday, and will post more info later with the photos. write soon...

God bless


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