Friday, June 6, 2008

Rain, Got Baptized,Giganitic Frogs, Sweat, 32 Misquitos, jewelry goes out with a bang

Well...the rain has been coming down pretty hard these past few days..along with rain comes thick mud and gigantic frogs..but the land has turned into a Green Tropical Lush Rain Forest..with the brightest vivid blows you away. Sweat pours off me so badly that I take an average of 3 showers a my outdoor shower.I got baptized with our church...along with 5 others..and it was the best experience of my life..check out the photos. I counted 32 misquito bites all over me..but I couldn't be happier. I am busy organizing church classes have now grown in size doubling..the kids..they just pour in. I rode my horse, Ezekiel aka: Zeek to La Virgin about 5 miles away and visited the public which they gladly are going to let me teach twice a week starting this Monday, art classes. So as of right now I am teaching only on Monday mornings, Wednesday nights, Thursday Days, Friday day, I have two La Virgin students that have been coming to learn more painting skills(as they both posses the drive and talent),Saturday beach days, Saturday nights art, and Sunday morning with Berry and Kim Sunday School. I am praying about trying to take on the same classes at the Library again, but then I feel the need to really organize and get the classes I am all ready working with more structured. I think the kids have so much fun in the non class atmosphere I provide as a's always about having fun and making them smile and laugh. I could honestly care less in the end if the project worked or did not..because they don't know the difference..they only want to have their joy. This is why I am here. I guess I can be more structured and more like an instructor with the older woman or men who are learning jewelry or other forms of arts. I am so excited about this. More than anything I am excited that we have gotten the jewelry made by the family below into three locations (hotels, restaurants) and they are starting to sell rapidly. Praise God.. and I know..this is the start of the beginning of the Co operative...Keep this in Prayer.

On a personal Level..I am well..dropping weight fast due to the non stop moving, sweating, and exercise. It's the constant sweating that will find you taking four showers a day..ha. I have had an allergic reaction to my skin..possibly from bad water (ocean) or a mild case of nica chicken pox..I plan on going to the clinic tomorrow. I have been really digging into reading the bible and other devotional books and have been getting filled up spiritually...Today..this was a good nugget...Deuteronomy 11:12-16.
Renato and I have given our relationship the best kind of start..over to the hands of God and have agreed to start as friends...friends that love each other but want to focus on our ministries here and see where God may lead our futures. First and foremost we must give God our time. I do love that we can work well together, him with the young adults, me with the young girls and children...and it's fun to learn more of our such amazingly different must really find it frustrating to deal with my stubborn independence and drive...and I am learning daily to walk in Grace and take thoughts and actions captive thinking of others before stepping out with my words or's hard..for everyone..but It really helps you walk in God's light and peace.. Pray for the english classes that will be starting this week..and if anyone is interested in some specific items that are needed for the kids..please email me...Love you Guys


Well...the rain has been coming down pretty hard these past few days..along with rain comes thick mud and gigantic frogs..but the land has turned into a Green Tropical Lush RainForest..with the brightest vivid

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