Monday, January 27, 2014


Hello everyone! Just wanted to post that as of now Nicaragua Art Missions is not and hasn't been functioning since 2011. My Husband and I have started a family here in the OuterBanks, NC where I am still going to Nicaragua and loving on kids and horses, but we are currently not active in Missions. My art blog site is moved to . Please check me out! I also have a link set up on my facebook to purchase my art through Etsy. Look forward to you joining my new blog. God Bless! Dawn Gray Moraga

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nov. 8th Back to Nica!

Hey everyone. Roberto and I are happy to have had an amazing summer in which we lived and worked down in Hatteras, NC. Everything was great until Hurricane Irene destroyed many homes and the road leading to this wonderful Island. Our jobs were shut down and we had the blessed opportunity to move up the beach to Nags Head, NC and find work. Roberto and I are excited to get our things ready to return to our home, Nicaragua. On November 8th we will return and our steadily preparing for the NICA KIDS CHRISTMAS 2011. Last year we sponsored with help from many people over 400 kids. This year we will do the same but have a different approach. Last year we noticed that the kids were all focused on the receiving of the gifts and not on the Christmas play and reason for the season, Jesus Christ. We also heard the mothers complain that their kid got a cheaper gift than the kid over there etc etc...we were saddened by this spirit. So this year we have a plan! We are going to be raising $350 to feed up to 400 people and have a community dinner where the women will help prepare the food. I would also like to buy a projector (movie projector) to play a Christmas movie about the birth of Christ for the children. We will also be hosting weekly movie nights for the youth my husband Roberto works with. So if anyone has any clean and inspirational based movies in spanish or with translation they would like to donate...we would appreciate this. We also will be handing out little hand made pillows by our good friend and Angel Maja Ortiz, for info on this check out her amazing work at . I also for fun would like to buy small bags of "dulces" which means "candies" in Spanish to hand out to the kids. Please if you would like to help in any way contact me and if God tugs on your heart to donate. Look for the link on the right side of this page. God bless, Dios te Bendiga!

Dawn and Roberto...oh..and Gringo(our

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back from 6 months in Nicaragua

The trip was of course as fast! We had an amazing year as my husband and I bought our first ever property together where we invision having our own farm. We bought 7 acres near Popoyo in a town called La Virgin Morena, it is nestled near the locals and I have dreams of putting some tree houses in our two giant mango trees for the local kids to come play in. On another personal note, Roberto and I started Paso Popoyo Horse Tours where we have 8 horses and are offering horseback riding tours through the beaches of Guasacate, Popoyo, and Santana. Look us up on facebook under Paso Popoyo Horse Tours. Our loyal workers will be running the business as we are USA bound until fall 2011.
We had an amazing Christmas this year for the kids...were able to with the help of generous American patrons, sponsor over 500 kids. Check out the pictures below. If you are interested in sponsoring a child for $5 for this next Christmas feel free to email me at
I was also honored and pleased to work alongside of Cadre Academy a hard core missions group who is prepared to go out and work in areas unreached in harsh and heavy conditions check out They helped do classes with the local kids for more than a month and we were all sad to see them leave.
The local library in Las Salinas was donated 6 new apple desktop computers which I was able to offer typing classes for a month...the kids picked up so fast and I am happy to say that there are many other volunteers still helping teach while I am here in the USA.
If you are ever interested in taking your talents to Nicaragua to help in any way I can do my best to line you up with many ready to learn children. I will be working a lot these next 6 months saving for our life in Nicaragua and working on new paintings. To see my progress you can check out my Art blog at

Talk to you soon