Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back in the States for 5 Months

Hey everyone...made it back from Nicaragua in one peice and I am in the Outerbanks of NC with friends/family and my church. I will be helping out with the local community and spending time getting refreshed and working on my art until I go back to Nicaragua in March.

I am looking forward to visiting all the people whom I missed so much and replying to all your emails..please keep me in prayer as I have this past Saturday experienced a bad car wreck in which "Gloria a Dios" no one was injured but there was major car damage on both accounts. All the frustrations that come with the legal, insurance, etc are a handful..and as of now I am acostumed to the Nica style bike riding and have no problems getting around on two wheels..just pray that I adapt to the bitter cold here..ha.. I haven't had to breathe in this coldness in two years and trying to run for exercise the other morning was like needles shooting into my lungs.." De donde es el Sol?"

I am also running a Christmas promotion selling originals for only $150.00 which should keep me quite busy. I love you all and will be around..shoot me an email

love, con muchas amor



Alicia said...

I found your blog because "Emanuels Gift" is my Favorite Documentary. I love what you are doing I am a christian artist too. I donated to your cause. May God bless you in this wonderful and worthy mission!

mike moses said...

thanks for clicking the purple pastor blog. love seeing your mission and heart and method (art) on your blog. my wife and i and friends vacationed on big corn island a week two years ago - my single nica experience. what church are you part of in nc? i think I must have spoken to your pastor once - he was exploring denominations including ours - sounded like a vibrant jesus-centered fellowship with flavor of surfers and artists. peace. - mike moses