Monday, February 25, 2008


So..things are rapping up quickly and looks like majority of supplies coming in are here and are asking only for certain needs now. I have a huge huge need for ways to transport these products to Nicaragua. I will be taking four huge bags and a board bag down with me on the 7th. A good friend Craig Watson is heading to Nicaragua with

1. Any sunday school material/kids books..reading material
2. Children's sandals or clothes
3. English learning material
4. As much supplies that have came in...we are still looking for a few basic art supplies...Paper...and cheap acrylic paint Walmart brand/Apple Barrell craft paint or liquitex paints....I will be using these more than any other mediums.
5. Bead Kits are still needed to teach the women to make and sell jewerly.
6. We are ok on English/Spanish teaching books..>THANK YOU ALL
7. Womens running shoes...hopefully the Running Zone in Melbourne FL has agreed to donated 15 pair..thank you*** Update...they donated..check it out
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8. Vitamins such as daily multis, anti parasite meds (2nd time around with these stupid critters in my belly..and I am prepared to stop them this time), and lots of sunscreen...these are items that if you are coming to join me in the mission or to visit to can always bring the locals, rashguards, sunscreen, stickers, hats, sunglasses, and bikinnis, flipflops, boardshorts...they get stoked out..and they appreciate every bit of it.
9. Thanks to Joe Johnson who donated a box of wax and trophys..we will be holding a first ever Nica kid's only Guasacate Beach Break Surf Competition.....soon to have details by the end of April...

thanks so very much
Dawn Gray

1965 Worchester Way
Merritt Island FL

Big thanks To Doctor Earle of Cocoa Beach who helped my stingray infection and my parasite meds...Thank You
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Also Big thanks to Tom Dugan for all the work he has given me to keep busy by buying these art pieces..heres the latest..
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