Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hey Everyone.
This is a long overdue newsletter and I
apologize..things have been pretty busy here. For
starters all is well, the kids, the church, the surf
camp, the horses, everyone and everything! The art
classes have continued at the church along with every
Thursday and Saturday surf lessons out front at beach
break. The sad thing is that we have 30 or more kids
show up on Saturdays and now that they broke two
boards, only have 4 boards to use. I am praying and
looking for some BIC or BZ fun shapes to bring back to
the kids, or any surfboards for that matter. We have
been keeping busy with making sea shell windchimes,
and painting murals at the Las Salinas Bus Stop, along
with many other busy lil' art projects. Thanks to
helpers such as Kim Yemma, her mother Sandy, Mike
Moremen, Lily, and all the locals we were able to turn
a horribly ugly old bus stop into a bright lil' corner
in town. Check out the photos below. The mishap of the
month would have to be the other morning as I was
heading out for some surf walking through the ankle
deep water I stepped on something soft and got
attacked in the ankle by a dang sting ray. I toppled
over and then grabbed my board to paddle out, I made
it to the outside when I realized the pain was getting
worse..."How long is this going to last I asked
myself, I had no idea!" My friend, Mike looked over at
me and said "Dawn, what's wrong?" Obviously my face
was twisted in pain... "I just got stung by a sting
ray, how long is this pain going to last!" He looked
really worried and said.."I'ts about to get worse!
Paddle into the next wave now!" I did and luckily, as
I got off the board and started walking I collapsed,
with Mike behind me he helped me walk to the car and
gave me a ride back up the 1/2 mile trec...thank God
for good people. I can honestly say that the pain was
astounding as the poison burned through my leg for 1
hour the only thing I could do was to stick the sheets
from my bed in my mouth and bare down on them with my
teeth and scream. The next week, I prayed everytime
the kids were around the water to "Please Lord, don't
let one of them experience this pain!" After an hour,
it was all good...slightly numb, but I was up and
walking and surfed the evening session without pain.
Now that the bad news is written, the most exciting
news is that I met with the Mayor of Las Salinas, and
the Co operative project is in full operation now,
they gave me the land and now I just need to get the
ball rolling and contact the rotarians of Managua and
contact the rotarian members of Outer Banks club. I am
excited because the town members are so very excited
about this new project and I know it will bring so
many jobs and provisions into the families of this
coastal region.
I am also saddened and happy alltogether to say I
am leaving on the 13th of December for the Outer
Banks, to visit family and friends (Christmas) and to
move to FL for two months to work as a waitress and
try to sell my art to raise money for my return. If
anyone is interested in paintings durring this time, I
will be dedicating a lot of time to commission pieces
and murals. I pray everyone has a wonderful christmas
and I will be in touch via email to any who would like
to talk, pray, contribute, or ask any questions about
International Art Missions/ Nicaragua Art Mission .
Can't wait to see some of you guys in the next few
weeks. Lots of Love,

Dawn G. Gray


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