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Nica Update Sept/Oct

Nicaragua Update
Potato Art/Fractured Rib/Machete’s can’t stop us!

September 25th 2007

Ola Mi Amigos!
Writing a little update on life in Nicaragua.
My Monday-Sunday art classes/surf lessons and
adventures has made life fly by just as the misquitos
do that swarm my entire body every breathing moment.
Ha ha! “Welcome to Nicaragagua’s rainy season” they
say. The rain has been pouring here in Nicaragua for
weeks and has caused a few problems but nothing un
controllable and too demanding. Anyways, this life
makes for some funny stories to share to you. From
falling into mud puddles on my bike, slipping and
fracturing a rib, horse lameness, and dancing in the
rain (explanation to these events is as followed).
Mud Story #1 Well, let’s see it was a Tuesday
Morning and I had a few late afternoon classes and my
morning was wide open for a nice run on the beach or a
few hour surf session. I opted for surfing. JJ threw
me the keys to one of the trucks since it was not
being used and I headed down to Popoyo. It had
rained for a solid 4 hours the night before so the mud
caked the tires and starting causing my wheels to
slide out all over the place. I put the truck in
neutral and pushed it down into four wheel
drive…climbed a few meters up the road and realized it
wasn’t much of a difference in the driving. Hmm…I just
kept on trucking along. I came to a good 2 feet maybe
3 in the middle mud cross and figured that I had been
in the same truck a dozen other times with the guys
and had no problem crossing anything. As I dropped
into low gear I hit two feet into the mud and bogged
out…..Slipping and slinging mud in every direction.
Huh…why was the car stuck. I tried the turn the wheel
in every direction and slowly accelerate technique.
Nada! I had a crowd after 4 minutes of trying, being a
gringa chica in a truck stuck in the mud with 12 Nica
workers standing on the road watching was quite funny.
They ran over to help (like always the people are very
helpful) and laughed as they looked at my tires. “Your
tires are not on!” they shouted in Spanish,
huh….reaching down and turning something on my tires
and smiling saying “Adalante” I climbed right out of
the mud pit with ease, and realized that in these
SUV’s you had to turn your 4x4 on in the outside of
your car as well. I laughed as I headed for the waves.
( By the way for all you people who have helped me
with surfing over the years, I have graduated from a
7’2 to a 6’5 (which was still to big) to a 6’1 18.25
board and I would say I am getting to be a better
surfer. 
Mud Story #2
Well..just as usual I am heading to find my horse to
saddle up for a ride when I look up and see him
wobbling without putting pressure on his right hoof..I
ran over to him and got him slowly to the hose to
clean off the mud and see what the problem was. I
learned then that he had a case of hoof rot, called
“White Line Disease” in the states. The soles of his
hooves were rotting because of the moisture from all
the mud, and I had to help. How? I guess going to
Equine college paid off for something, I did my home
made poultices and wrapped his hooves in iodine,
sugar, baking soda, and salt and duck taped a diaper
on his hooves. The locals laughed really hard at this
as I convinced them, I wasn’t stupid when he was
walking slightly better the next day. Now he is un
able to be ridden for at least a month, needs to heal
and also I need Biotin and hoof (growth) supplements
from the USA. Other than that Ezekiel my sweet baby
and usually reliable transportation is doing fine, On
the contrary….I am not..which leads to mud story
Mud Story #3
Ok…Well It was another rainy day and Kim and I had
to drive out of town to pick up supplies for people,
horses, you name it. We are always getting into a mess
together, we are like two kids who have michevious
little plans and too much sugar. Our plans always
consist of pulling over the side of some land and
checking out horses, or any sort of animals…two peas
in a pod we are. We were out looking for a goose for
her mail goose “Adam” to have a friend since, Eve died
last week. We pulled down towards a farm and ended up
on an off beaten path road and kept trucking..we found
the place with the goose and she made the deal, 25
bucks for a beautiful new edition…we call her Ginger.
I began to climb up the land cruiser’s tail gate to
adjust the inside of the back for the goose, when all
of a sudden my slippery muddy sandals slipped and I
feel a good three feet and landed on the door as hard
as I could right on my ribs.OUCH….I heard some popping
and then I tried to talk and realized I had knocked my
breath out of me….I was pacing back and forth nervous
and Kim was dealing with the farmer and missed the
whole incident. I climbed into the seat, we packed up
the goose, and I told her I think I cracked something
out of place…Over the next few days of not walking,
laughing, or moving around much…we figured..I
fractured my rib…stupid mud, but I guess I am the
clumsy one..ha. So just a little tid bit on how we
women role in Nicaragua, I will have to say that JJ’s
wife, miss lil’ Kim Yemma is one tough cookie. On the
way back from the farm we saw up ahead three guys with
machetes lining up in the road and we knew something
was up. They were going to try to stop us and I was
getting a lil’ nervous. Kim pushed the lock buttons on
the truck, rolled up the windows and said…”chill
out…hold on” She gunned it and the men were shocked as
one of them started yelling to stop and grabbing onto
the side of the car, we were too fast, and to big, and
my best friend…she was too smart..ha.. It taught me a
lesson in observing your surroundings and keeping
calm. I honestly would of probably stopped…but Hey…I
am learning….and next time I will know.
Mud Story #4
Well, to wrap it up the only stories left are the
facts…classes went well the whole month of October. We
worked on using techniques of applying paint without
using brushes. For example, potatoes, vegetables,
leaves, q-tips, sponges, toothbrushes…and more which
really helped the children see what resources were at
their finger tips. Every week the kids are more
willing, more eager to learn, and more accomplished in
their art skills. I am happy to say that I also spoke
with the town of Las Salinas on the future Cooperative
Art House and we have full permission to proceed. The
next step will be raising the funds and starting the
building plans. I am traveling to Merritt Island FL
for three weeks to stay with JJ and Kim since due to
the heavy rains they shut down the camp for the whole
month of Oct. I had wanted to stay but because of
safety issues they thought it best that I come to the
states. I am relying solely on faith to cover these
cost which I have used to come back and pray that I
can paint a few nice pieces of art to sale in the
states over the next few weeks. I was also honored to
be asked to attend the Christian Surfers National
Conference with IAM missions and represent Nicaragua
Art Missions and the work the Lord is doing in my life
and those I work with here in Nica. I will give
updates after the event which will be Oct. 18,19,20th.
If anyone wants to mail donations for the kids or any
means of support to me while I am in the states,
please send me an email and I can send you the Florida
address for JJ and Kim’s house. I also want to take
the time to thank everyone who has emailed, supported,
gave surf boards to the kids, or any other means of
giving…your generosity has blessed so many people in
Nicaragua. Not only does this leave an impression of
you on the country and the people, but it leaves a
lasting impression daily in my heart to see all their
smiles and thankfulness. Also drop me some emails as I
will be here in the states strictly to paint, organize
my missions, and talk on the phone to all of my
supporters. I love you guys and hope your all being
blessed immensely.

Love In Christ………………Rojita/Amanecer/Dawn


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