Friday, July 27, 2007

Nicaragua art missions has started July 2007

Hello Everyone....I am here in Nicaragua..landed four days ago, doing well. I have gotten settled into my new lil' room..bathroom outside, outside shower (which I found a snake in last night), and well..let's just say when it rains it pours into my room. Thanks to the boys who work at the camp I am staying, they are going to fix it tonight. Things of this matter are of no importance when I think about how happy I am..the kids..the people who remember me and welcome me with open arms and hearts. My heart is here. I went to La Pita to work along side of Danny Cruden ( yesterday. We took some supplies to the families in need and spent time in fellowship, picking beans, playing with the kids, and loving the people. I am going to start teaching the art classes starting next week and hope to get into Managua, La Chureca by next week. My horse should arrive next week so that I will have transportation, for's my two friends righty and lefty. I wanted to share some photos of my adventures so far.. Enjoy. I am pretty sure I am staying here for the long haul..maybe coming stateside for a month or two. My mother is
handling all letters, donations, supplies, etc at her mailing address.

Nicaragua Art Missions
Attn: Dawn Gray
Sandy Wilson
55 Nicole Drive
martinsville Va 24112

Things in need of :
Sun Screen
Sunglasses ( I broke my only pair, after I gave away the first
Trail mix...a womens food source
childrens clothing ages infant-8yrs old
money for food/sandals/'s much cheaper can buy
four times the amount in Nicaragua then in the States.
More than anything...continue to pray..for the people, my strength, the Popoyo Surf camp, Braddigan's ministries with Dia De Luz, Danny Cruden's work here w/, and for all the people here who are obedient as servants listening to God's voice.

Thanks a bunch

Dawn Gray





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